Harness Parts & Accessories

Cicero Supply offers a wide range of industrial safety harness lanyard, parts and accessories specially designed for environments like the construction industry, high bay warehouses, and scaffolding. Harness safety equipment includes harness holsters, lanyard keepers, self-retracting lifelines, manual rope grabs, shoulder pads, trauma safety straps, and harness accessories.

If you can not find something you are looking for or any of the products are out of stock, please call on “1-847-724-8088“ or request a quote for bulk orders. We will find and provide even the hard to find industrial products.

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Safety Harness Parts

We stock manual rope grabs that easily move up and down, providing continuous fall protection. Attachment breakaway lanyard keepers that are lightweight and compact, leather bos'n chair attachment which cab handle maximum load capacity, cable anchorage connectors, delta comfort pads for harnesses, fusion roof anchor posts, self-retracting SS lifelines, lumbar wear pad for Miller® AirCore wind energy harnesses and much more equipment for your needs.

Select high-quality and durable harness accessories and parts product from best in the industry brands like DBI/SALA, ERGODYNE and HONEYWELL MILLER.