Cicero Supply has all kinds of safe and efficient fluid handling funnels that you will ever need. Select from a wide variety of funnels available for industrial, automotive, marine, home, farm, garage or workshop use. From the best brands like Plews and Eagle Mfg.

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The Best Plastic & Metal Funnels Online

A funnel has a pipe with a narrow stem and a full mouth. It is used for channeling fine-grained substances or liquid into containers where the opening is small. Spillage may happen without a funnel.

Get the high-quality plastic funnelsmetal funnels, utility funnels, funnel fillers with a screeneconomy funnel fillersfunnels used with type I safety cansoffset funnels, offset funnel fillers with a screen, funnels tractor lock-on with screen and more. Funnels come in different material types like galvanized steel, plastic, polyethylene, and steel.