Structural Wrenches

Our structural wrenches are designed for heavy industrial use which helps you with extra leverage and hole aligning. Choose yours form a vast range of Industrial Grade Spud Wrenches on Cicero Supply.

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Spud Wrench

Also known as a spud wrench, a structural wrench are special-purpose, single end wrench with a tapered tail which acts as a handle and a good hole aligner.

Structural wrenches are designed to assist you in assembling steel structure where tightening a bolt or small adjustments are often required. Align bolts and rivets correctly using the tapered tail of the spud wrench.

These wrenches have reinforced heads, and high leverage handles to help you deal with toughest nuts & bolts. All of our spud wrenches are designed to take high-impact on both industrial and construction sites.

Cicero Supply has a wide variety of structural / spud wrenches from top brands like Klein, Martin, Armstrong with different sizes.

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