Handled Files

Remove fine amounts of material from the workpiece using one of our durable handled files. Select yours from Cicero Supply’s best selection of handled hand tools.

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American Pattern Rectangular Shape Handled File

Cicero Supply has a wide selection of handy files ranging from round files, chainsaw files, taper, lathe and square files from top brands like Nicholson, Stanley and PFERD. Whether you're looking for a specific (size and style) handled file or general sharpening and smoothing tool, this is one stop shop for your needs.

American pattern rectangular shape handled files will come in handy when you are looking for maximum and speedy removal of material. They are perfect for filing flat surfaces, sharp corners and shoulders as well as for deburring. These double cut files may also be used for work on high-alloy tool steels.

All the American pattern handy file comes with both side cuts - one side is single cut for tool sharpening and smoothing metal surfaces and the reverse side is double-cut for general filing and rapid stock removal.

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