Gripping Material

Gripping materials are lighter in weight but designed for maximum hold on materials with least effort. Industries, where gripping materials are used, include construction, general industrial, consumer goods, government & military, medical, transportation, specialty vehicle and more.

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3M Gripping Materials

3M has been consistently at work to bring innovative personal safety products. Gripping material products by 3M provide profound grip and control. Thousands of tiny thermoplastic fingers or elastomer stems are used for better gripping performance in wet and dry conditions. This exclusive 3M technology is known as microreplication technology. The materials are backed with adhesives. For the fast application, it bonds on contact with many plastics, wood, and metals.

3M Gripping Material Tap

The 3M gripping material tapes give a better grip on almost anything. Some tapes are soft; some are firm, some are very soft. Designed to stick on contact, the gripping material is backed with adhesive. It bonds to a vast variety of surfaces because of acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. 3m grip tapes can be easily applied on various surfaces like powder-coated paints, lightly oiled metals, low-surface-energy plastics.

Convenient and easy trial bags will maximize your application and reduce the waste without the cost of a full roll material. It also provides easy-release and slips resistance properties. Different applications include power tools, snow blowers, lawn mowers, gardening equipment, industrial tools and equipment, auto steering wheels, forklift, athletic gloves, apparel, truck, sports equipment handles and much more.

3m Gripping Material Work Gloves

High dexterity or standard work 3M comfort grip gloves will keep your hand safe. 3M's gripping material gloves are slip resistant. Suited for a wide variety of situations like hand-tightening an oil filter, handling a jackhammer, shifting levers in a plant or raking leaves in your backyard to name a few. 3M's gripping material gloves will hold any equipment or tool even in oily, wet or dirty conditions. Glove benefits include excellent handling of sharp parts, precision handling, ideal for cold weather applications, superior grip in wet, dirty or oily conditions and more.