Adhesive Transfer Tapes & Double Coated Tapes

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3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tapes and Double Coated (Sided) Tapes are known for their appearance enhancement and adhesive performance. Adhesive transfer tapes are also called as pressure-sensitive tapes. Adhesive transfer tapes are rolls which stick when pressure is applied. It does not require any solvent like water or heat for activation. These can be used in many places like office, home, institutions, and industries.

Double coated tapes are a better solution for many applications. Both the sides are coated with adhesives. Double coated tape applications include gasketing, installing carpet, abatement, construction projects, sound deadening, signs or mirror mounting and much more.

Cicero Supply brings you a wide range of high quality and durability 3M™ transfer tape and double coated tape products for your specific industrial needs.