Wheel Brush Parts & Accessories

Wheel Brush is designed for cleaning both tires and wheels. Wheel brush parts and accessories are equally as important as the wire bushes itself. Select the best wheel cleaning brush from an extensive stock of Cicero Supply from the brands Weiler and Anderson brush.

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We stock wheel brush accessories and parts like -

  • Adapter in various sizes which can be used with cup and wheel brushes
  • Drive arbors for mounting small diameter wheels into a collet or chuck
  • Different types of metal adapter for unmounted flap wheels or medium & wide face brushes.
  • Mini grinder kit 
  • Mounting mandrel for cut-off wheels and unitized wheels.
  • A plastic adapter can be used with wire wheels and brushes.
  • Threaded arbor adapters for disc brushes used with 2" and 3" disc brushes that have a brush rotation which alternates between forward and reverse.
  • VP adapters.
  • VP cut grind & finish kit Includes knot wire cup brush, grinding wheel, type 1 cut-off wheel.
  • Tiger Abrasives Adapting Nuts are used with right angle air die grinder or cut off die grinder.

If you can not find something you are looking for or any of the products are out of stock, please call or request a quote for bulk orders. We will find and provide even the hard to find industrial products.